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Re: Members Forum 6th October
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The most recent forum is now online :)
Didn't see any faux pas from DB. He obviously seemed a bit disinterested but that would be because he knew he was going.

Seems about right. And he knew Patel was going and said as much.

I wonder what the take up of memberships next year will be. The club will have to work hard. Some annual members will have seen a dramatic change in their circumstances and others may feel put out by the almost no refund policy.

A mate of mine has just semi retired. He hasn't been a member for 30 years but is considering joining as he'll have more time to come to games but will we be able to attend? More questions than answers.
yep the club made a big error by confiscating membership fees. I will be keeping my money in my pocket until it is clear that members can attend games.